Wajer 44 Highlights Focus on ‘Smart Boating’

Wajer 44 Highlights Focus on ‘Smart Boating’

Published: May 4, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Wajer 44 might be the ideal daylong adventurer: sized for confidence and efficiency too, packed with useful tech, and capable of offering a comfortable one- or two-night berth if a fever of spontaneity should take hold.

The 44’s lines are suggestive of a midcentury launch, but there’s an extraordinary stability in its architectural visuals that’s undoubtedly contemporary. There’s a lot of history hiding beneath the crisp beauty, though, and Wajer’s home waters in Heeg, a voluptuously romantic canal that retains the spirit of the community’s history, are deeply engrained in the yard’s designs.

In the 44, this historical romance is sublimated by a squeaky-clean functionality: eminent efficiency in its medium through a smooth exterior, right down to the cleats sleekly embedded in the exterior. A special steering wheel and three seats fabricated from carbon dress up the cockpit, but keep the undercurrent of high-dollar utility intact.

Tech enters the picture here, too, as the 44’s pilot is assisted by a trio of Garmin screens flush with the dash. Moreover, however, is Wajer’s contention that the 44 is the most acute present representation of the firm’s ideal of ‘Smart Boating’; the smartphone app allows owners to remotely check anchor position, operate the AC, and deploy or retract the swimming ladder.

Under the surface of the 44 is a pair of Volvo engines that give the yacht a cruising speed of 26 knots, and a blistering top speed of 40. Creature comforts include a fridge, sink with hot water, dining and lounging area, bath with shower, and of course a sleeping berth.

Wajer’s 44 will be available this summer; associated models 44 S and 44 HT will follow in its wake. The new range joins larger models such as the 55 S and the 77; Tom Brady is a fan of both.

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