With Retro-Styled RR1, Rezvani Brings 1970s Racecar Charm to the Modern 911

With Retro-Styled RR1, Rezvani Brings 1970s Racecar Charm to the Modern 911

Published: April 20, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

With the unveiling of the Retro RR1, California’s Rezvani Motors has penned a poetic ode to Porsche’s rich racing lineage. The new model blends the sultry curves of the legendary 935/78 with the sheer brawn of today’s 992-generation 911, offering devotees of the marque a modern-day taste of the past.

Available in three fiery configurations evoking the mighty steeds of Le Mans, the RR1 melds vintage style with bleeding-edge power. Its aggressive body kit, sculpted from carbon fiber, conjures the vintage 911’s glory days, when triumph at the Mulsanne Straight was the prize. Yet its prodigious horsepower, from 550 to a heady 750, promises speed to satisfy modern appetites.

With its massive rear wing, the range-topping RR1 750 offers a particular homage to the famed Porsche 935, that rare and flighty track denizen. This provocateur model lets owners not just glimpse the past, but feel it in their bones through its race-bred chassis tuning. The other RR1 variants still evoke the era’s spirit, if in a more genteel fashion.

Rezvani’s run of just 50 RR1s heightens the exclusivity, and starting prices of $149,000 for the conversion kit whet anticipation. For Porsche connoisseurs, the RR1 may perfectly capture lighting in a bottle—the past and present, melded into one sleek vision. With it, Rezvani has created a link to the golden age of Porsche.

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