Tyde and BMW Designworks Unveil 48-Foot Solar-Powered Hydrofoil Yacht

Tyde and BMW Designworks Unveil 48-Foot Solar-Powered Hydrofoil Yacht

Published: December 29, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Gliding forth from vision to reality, Tyde’s latest aquatic marvel takes flight as the Open, a decadent electric hydrofoil promising silent, sustainable voyages unshackled from the churning seas below. This new collaboration with BMW Designworks stretches the possibilities for luxury yachting, swelling to 48 feet with indulgences aplenty across its flowing, futuristic form.

Two 100kW propellers rocket the 11.5-ton vessel above the waves, foils lifting the Open’s shapely hull as acceleration exceeds 20 knots. A 400kWh battery fed by rooftop solar panels grants up to 50 nautical miles of emissions-free cruising range, the tranquil hum of the motors outpacing even whisper-quiet displacement motoring.

Within the Open’s airy, avant-garde cabin, BMW’s trademark fusion of technology and design manifests through voice commands, capacious touchscreens, and AI-guided navigation displayed across digital dashboards. Guests lounge in the lap of luxury, choosing between panoramic waterfront views from the expansive sundeck or retreating below to the suite’s cinematic entertainment and plush sleeping quarters.

From the helm’s ergonomic command post to the bow’s relaxation recesses, the Open epitomizes Tyde and BMW’s shared vision for sustainable mobility and indulgence intertwined. “With the Icon, we’ve shown how elegant and luxurious sustainable mobility on the water can be,” says Tyde’s CEO Christoph Ballin. “The new model brings future-oriented mobility to the day yacht segment.”

Soon reality will eclipse renderings as the Open takes maiden voyages come 2024, affirming that environmental stewardship need not compromise the pinnacle of refined leisure afloat.

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