RAND’s Roamer 29 a Clever Blend of Comfort and Adventure

RAND’s Roamer 29 a Clever Blend of Comfort and Adventure

Published: March 1, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

RAND Boats’ newest model, the Roamer 29, aims to redefine the modern boating experience with its unique marriage of offshore power, convertible cabin comfort and adaptable social space.

Built for thrilling adventures and peaceful cruising alike, the 29-footer features an enclosed pilothouse with 180-degree rotating seats for taking on rough seas in all weather. The hardtop canopy of steel, glass and carbon fiber shelters passengers while an ultra-sharp bow and dynamic hull shape provide top-tier maneuverability.

Yet the Roamer 29 brings more than just performance. Innovative touches optimize time spent living and dining aboard, like a flip-down picnic table and modular aft deck perfect for scuba, fishing or outdoor cooking. A standing-height bathroom with electric toilet and skylight delivers a luxury experience usually absent in sub 30-foot boats.

From bow fishing platform to stern gear lockers, the Roamer 29 focuses on user-friendly versatility. Mounting points allow custom add-ons like a wet bar or extra seating to reconfigure the aft space. Under-cushion lockers swallow bulky equipment and hide it from view.

By blending offshore speed, convertible cabin comforts and clever social features in a sub-30-foot package, RAND boats makes extended time aboard the Roamer 29 a true pleasure. The modular touches empower owners to personalize their boating adventures while cabins and cushions deliver home-like amenities. For the sophisticated explorer drawn to the sea, the Roamer 29 promises accessible luxury built for life’s memorable moments.

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