U-Boat Worx’s $5.5M Super Sub Revs Up to Marine Creature Speeds

U-Boat Worx’s $5.5M Super Sub Revs Up to Marine Creature Speeds

Published: October 19, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Beneath the shimmering surface of the sea, a fantastic beast streaks through the blue abyss—the Super Sub, unveiled in all its glory at the Monaco Yacht Show. The three-seater submersible can match the speed of finned titans, thanks to its powerful 100 kW thrust motor. Hitting speeds of 10 knots, it ascends and descends at 45-degree angles, executing turns with porpoise-like agility.

U-Boat Worx, the creative minds behind the deep-sea rover, prize unobstructed views for passengers to soak in aquatic splendor. Gazing through the wraparound acrylic hull at the prow, riders observe untethered vistas instead of internal ballast and batteries. They can watch in wonder as the sub keeps pace with undersea creatures.

A master controller operates hydrofoils in tandem, enabling smooth banking maneuvers influenced by natural currents. An auto-heading system maintains direction using intelligent assistance, allowing the sub to trail wildlife or follow planned courses hands-free.

In the cockpit, the pilot references a touchscreen showing glide data, supplemented by land-based sensors to guide the journey. Another ingenious feature prevents exceeding maximum depth through automated ascension. And should trouble arise, the safety buoy floats the sub back to the surface.

At the prestigious yachting event, attendees witnessed the sub’s potential firsthand. Its pioneering speed and maneuverability promise to revolutionize underwater exploration. No longer will subs lag behind as fish and mammals race ahead into the deep.

The Super Sub on display heralds a new epoch, where humanity and nature traverse the depths as one. Yet more remarkable units will follow, as U-Boat Worx perfects designs for discerning clientele seeking new frontiers.

Soon these futuristic cruisers will slide into the ocean, ready to dance with dolphins and sharks as equals. Owners will chase destiny in the silent world below, guided by aquatic choreography unseen before now.

The price of admission is around $5.5 million.

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