Ferrari’s Latest One-Off Masterpiece Is the V12-Powered SP51

Ferrari’s Latest One-Off Masterpiece Is the V12-Powered SP51

Published: September 29, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

The past few years have seen a steady cavalcade of one-off models from Ferrari. At about one per year, the most recent litany in reverse chronology begins with the F8 Tributo-inspired SP48 Unica, and progresses to include last year’s BR20, the Omologata of 2020, the P80/C from 2019, and 2018’s SP38.

Lookers (and cookers) all. Ferrari’s custom division, the Flavio Manzoni-directed Ferrari Styling Center — a.k.a the Ferrari Design Center — is the force at work transferring Maranello-based dreams into four-wheeled realities. And the latest to emerge from the creative hothouse is a one-off built for a client in Taiwan who is one of the “leading Ferrari collectors worldwide.” The model has been named the SP51.

The SP51’s design incorporates elements of the 812 GTS, one of the more beautiful regular-production models to emerge from the automaker in this century. It’s a Spider powered by a V12, and features a prominently gaping carbon fiber assembly in its nose, a track-inspired design feature; the long graceful curves of the SP51 act as ballast for its more aggressive moments.

Newly designed headlamps and wheels — the latter sport carbon fiber wing profiles in their spokes and a diamond-cut finish — and a model-specific livery with origins in the 1955 Ferrari 410 S, also distinguish this singular car. There’s a significant amount of carbon fiber in the build to keep weight down; the componentry includes the transverse wing between the buttresses.

Ferrari doesn’t mention power ratings or basic performance numbers. But the SP51’s underpinnings and V12 engine may lead readers to speculate with a fair degree of accuracy…

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