Spacious Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin Flies Off the Market at $725K

Spacious Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin Flies Off the Market at $725K

Published: September 29, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

An unusually expansive Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin appeared on the open market and departed again with dispatch in the final days of summer this year. The 4,978 sq. ft. residence, known as the Willard Keland Home, contains six bedrooms and seven baths. It listed at $725K in early September, and all but sold in less than two weeks. It is currently in pending status.

The copper-roofed home was built in 1956, and features a rambling footprint that unfolds languorously; its design flourishes include the comforting extravagances and geometric expressions common to Wright’s architecture, and spatial embellishments include an extremely long hallway and a double-height shared space. Also present and accounted for: the red- and yellow-tinged earth tones in the masonry and tile used in the interiors. Ornamental millwork and unusual wall coverings also distinguish this house. Overall, it’s one of the more complex Usonians anywhere.

Although the home’s angular flourishes bring a pleasingly cerebral tension and sense of motion to the living style, its more remarkable architectural feature is its openness. It is designed around a garden landscaped with a lush, overgrown feel, and the great room opens to it, incorporating the green and growing into the living style of the culmination of the common area. The living area’s fireplace is similarly open.

The lot measures 3.2 acres, and is a hillside parcel. The house takes full advantage of its location by placing an outdoor terrace over the ravine below the property.

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