Ferrari Reveals One-Off BR20 Based on GTC4Lusso

Ferrari Reveals One-Off BR20 Based on GTC4Lusso

Published: November 23, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

This month, Ferrari unveiled a new one-off: the BR20. The specially commissioned design picks up where one of the automaker’s most striking recent curiosities left off.

The one-off uses the GTC4Lusso as a foundation. Sports car enthusiasts may recall the GTC4Lusso, a bit of automotive strange that was unveiled five years ago. The design merges a front end that blends contemporary elements with Ferrari history; the back end suggests a station wagon or shooting brake—undeniably pretty…but, then, shooting brakes usually are. The limited-edition Aston/Zagato from 2017 remains a fond memory.

The thing is, the GTC4Lusso was a regular production model, which Ferrari intended to be a daily driver for the family on the edge. The model was discontinued after a few years of production. But it remains an absolute curiosity. One Ferrari client who appreciated the spirit of the model perhaps more than its off-the-beaten-path design style commissioned a similar model — with a few changes — and the BR20 was born.

Adjusting the back end is the most immediately noticeable alteration to and divergence from the GTC4Lusso. The wagon is gone, and replacing it is a touring-ready hatchback with fastback lines that are more pretty than muscular; very nice. A window cut into this section of the car illuminates the back seat and storage area. This one-off would be a natural for ski trips.

As for power, it seems the BR20 packs the F140, the same 681-horsepower V12 that powered the GTC4Lusso.

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