Manhart Shows Off BMW M8 Competition With 812 Horses

Manhart Shows Off BMW M8 Competition With 812 Horses

Published: January 25, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

It may be a year of ambitious projects for German tuning firm Manhart. To launch 2022, the company has released an 800-level kit that tackles the top BMW grand tourer, the M8 Competition, a bruiser of a coupe with track aspirations.

The 800 series is Manhart’s penultimate package, and generally bumps up power to about 800 horsepower through ECU adjustments, new turbos, and breathier exhaust. Given the treatment, the M8 Competition’s horsepower rating comes in at 812, with 789 pound-feet of torque. A few weeks ago, we saw a Manhart-manhandled Audi RS Q8 with very nearly the same capabilities.

New wheels and a bevy of new carbon fiber componentry is also part and parcel of the kit, though, and the M8 800 receives 21-inch Spider rims and wide tires, as well as a new diffuser, skirts, and spoiler.

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