Audi RS Q8 Boosted to 818 Horsepower by Manhart

Audi RS Q8 Boosted to 818 Horsepower by Manhart

Published: December 25, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Back in 2020, German car tuner Manhart took on the Audi RS Q8, converting the flagship performance SUV into a nearly 900-horsepower beastie that looked like a track king of the suburban road and came with a price tag of $300K. The revision company called the model the RQ 900.

To close out 2021, Manhart has again taken on the RS Q8. This time around, the Manhart model designation is RQ 800. It gets buyers desiring this approach nearly all the way to RQ 900 specs, but will presumably come at a somewhat more reasonable cost.

In typical Manhart style, the finished product is glossy, adorned with pinstripes, and quite powerful; this time around, upgrades bring the horsepower rating to 818, with 774 pound-feet of torque available.

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