2020 BMW M8 and M8 Convertible Revealed in All Their M-Powered Glory

2020 BMW M8 and M8 Convertible Revealed in All Their M-Powered Glory

Published: June 8, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

The BMW M8 is here. The production model’s appearance is significant for two reasons. Not only does it now represent the flagship standard model in the BMW lineup, it also stands as a pretty compelling reason to not buy a Mercedes-AMG GT S, should you be in the market for a higher-end German car with a potent V8.

Which makes it a car with conviction, because standing toe to toe with the GT S is no mean feat. But the performance profile of the M8—introduced in the 2020 model year—is extensive, its V8 can pump out 617 HP if the optional Competition trim is elected, and it may be purchased in coupe and ragtop versions.

It’s a versatile top-tier model, for sure. And the icing on the cake hasn’t even been revealed at this point: a grand tourer version is still on the way, and will take its place as the jewel in the BMW crown.

Some of the performance features border on the spooky. Highly customizable according to individual driver preference, the M8 can be adjusted for driving mode and suspension; the latter is adjusted by a combination of incoming data that collates incoming information about how both car and driver are reacting to the road. Steering, brake-pedal resistance, and drive systems can all be tweaked by the driver; the Competition adds exhaust sound to the mix, and a Track mode to augment the standard Road and Sport modes.

Laser LED headlamps, an impressive driver assistance suite, the latest iDrive, a HK surround audio system, and a 12.3” digital instrument cluster are also standard features. But the list is a long one.

The coupe starts at $134K, the convertible at $143K. The Competition trim adds $13K.

Look for the 2020 M8 in dealerships in the last quarter of the year.

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