Cadillac Imagines a Self-Driving Future With InnerSpace Concept

Cadillac Imagines a Self-Driving Future With InnerSpace Concept

Published: January 25, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Cadillac brought InnerSpace to the vast desert spaces of the Las Vegas area and this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The automaker’s concept vision of an autonomous luxury car is part of its future-is-now lineup of cars for tomorrow, a collection it calls the ‘Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio’.

Cadillac sees the potential of the autonomous passenger car travel experience extending to the well-being of the rider. A spa on wheels? In a way. But the grand vision is one of ‘zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion’ to quote the InnerSpace press release and concept director Bryan Nesbitt, so the idea of well-being is more in line with connectivity.

InnerSpace follows last year’s CES entries from Caddy: PersonalSpace and SocialSpace. All bring unique attributes to the table, with the vertical takeoff PersonalSpace perhaps the more interesting of the first two. What the two-passenger InnerSpace concept contributes to the portfolio is a panoramic SMD LED display that can be purposed as an augmented reality trip, an entertainment escape or a ‘wellness recovery’ treatment.

InnerSpace features GM’s Ultium battery platform, which distributes energy sources throughout the build and improves layout versatility and space efficiency. During boarding and exiting, the whole car shifts to facilitate passengers, with the roof opening as the doors do, and the seats pivoting.

Sustainable materials are of course used in InnerSpace. The tires are made especially for EVs by Goodyear; they are partly produced from soybean oil and silica derived from rice.

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