Triumph Dives Into E-Bikes With Trekker GT

Triumph Dives Into E-Bikes With Trekker GT

Published: July 18, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

This is a welcome addition to the electrically-assisted bicycle niche. It’s designed and built by legendary British motorcycle firm Triumph, and it’s called the Trekker GT.

GT for grand touring, one would expect; with 93 miles of available range on a full charge of its battery—which is, by the way, secreted away within the bike’s frame—the touring potential of this bicycle is indeed, to quote a young D.H., fair grand. The battery, the 250-watt motor it feeds, and many of the other essential mechanical components, come by way of Shimano.

The bike’s styling nicely balances traditional and contemporary design elements. The frame is graceful and understated, and shown in press shots in a grey scale tonal scheme.

The Trekker GT is priced from $3.8K.

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