Aston Martin Serves Up ‘World’s Most Bespoke, Advanced’ Road Bike

Aston Martin Serves Up ‘World’s Most Bespoke, Advanced’ Road Bike

Published: November 4, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Luxury automaker Aston Martin unveils a two-wheeled stunner—the sleek, customizable .1R bicycle. This carbon fiber urban speedster, co-developed with esteemed British brand J.Laverack, brings Aston Martin’s refined aesthetic to the cycle realm through intricate details and full customization.

The seamless frame and integrated cabling achieve aerodynamic, sculptural grace. Paint colors from Aston’s automotive palette confer limitless personalization, with bare carbon fiber or bronze/black accents for sporty flair. Subtle design echoes, like the handlebar’s side strakes, link to signature cars like the DB12.

Components match the .1R’s elite caliber, from the specially designed calipers to 3D-printed titanium crank arm tips enabling millimetric precision. Three pro-grade groupsets by Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM power this urban speedster.

Numbered components and a matching Alcantara or leather-wrapped track pump underscore the .1R’s exclusivity. Each sleek bicycle travels in an aluminum or carbon case—itself a work of art.

Blending curvature with carbon, customization with prestige, Aston Martin translates automotive opulence into two-wheel freedom. The .1R closes gaps between auto and cycling realms through seamless engineering and subtle stylistic romance. Aston Martin elevates urban mobility to an artform with this exclusive city steed.

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