Nukeproof’s $10K Megawatt Carbon E-Bikes Boast Automated Shifting

Nukeproof’s $10K Megawatt Carbon E-Bikes Boast Automated Shifting

Published: October 13, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Nukeproof integrates SRAM’s ingenious automated Eagle Powertrain into two carbon-clad enduro models—the Megawatt RS and Pro. Rather than independently developing a proprietary motor, SRAM selected Brose’s robust 680W/90Nm powerplant. Paired batteries (630/720Wh) plus a 250Wh range-extender energize the system. But the true technical triumph lies in the automated transmission.

Sophisticated sensor arrays analyze wheel rotation pace, pedal input force, and more. Software interprets this telemetry and seamlessly shifts gears proportionate to conditions and selected power mode. Remarkably, the powertrain auto-shifts even whilst coasting, independent of human effort—the motor itself turns the chain, enacting cog changes based solely on vehicle velocity data.

Handlebar-mounted AXS controllers fine-tune assistance and tie together the network. Nukeproof seized this unprecedented opportunity to launch advanced electric models. The Megawatt frames utilize autoclave-cured unidirectional carbon fiber in a stiff monocoque arrangement across five frame scales. Integrated mid-drive motors peak at 500W (30% boost) or 680W (85% assistance), tweakable via the AXS phone application. Sleek internal battery packs (720Wh) and downtube tool storage optimize weight distribution.

The flagship RS ($10,899) features 12-speed SRAM XO shifting, robust suspension (Zeb Ultimate fork/Vivid Ultimate shock), and luxurious components like carbon cockpit, dropper post, and downhill rubber. The Pro ($9,899) makes nuanced component substitutions to achieve its lower price point. Both employ a 29”/27.5” wheel size combo for optimized traction and handling.

By combining SRAM’s electronic shifting expertise with proven eMTB geometry, Nukeproof empowers riders with advanced technology transparently integrated into a refined package. Brain and motor work in harmony, delivering optimized assistance to match conditions and intent. Nukeproof expands e-possibilities, proving batteries need not hinder quality ride dynamics nor stymie those who cherish the freedom of the trails.

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