Alfa Romeo Teams Up With Zagato for Collector’s One-Off Dream

Alfa Romeo Teams Up With Zagato for Collector’s One-Off Dream

Published: January 5, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Not your Aunt Francesca’s Giulia, this singular new Alfa Romeo model represents the latest meeting of the minds between Alfa designers and those of Italy’s legendary coachbuilder, Zagato.

The one-off is called the Giulia SWB, and although a trained eye can see the Quadrifoglio foundation car beneath the supercar flourishes, the Giulia’s native lines have been almost entirely co-opted by new purpose. The client’s design commission called for a nimble and very quick end product, and as a result the SWB has a shorter wheelbase.

The SWB’s singularity is most acutely represented by its nose, which culminates in a huge, blacked-out, three-section grille and headlamps borrowed from the Tonale. A carbon fiber splitter finishes the front end with a distinctly and aggressively track-oriented spin.

Like the native Italian Quadrifoglio, the car’s a stick as well, preserving the engagement potential of an old-fashioned manual gearbox. The SWB’s energy source is a six-cylinder engine, the same 2.9L V6 loaded into the Giulia GTAm.

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