Bugatti and Buben & Zorweg Want to Protect Your Valuables

Bugatti and Buben & Zorweg Want to Protect Your Valuables

Published: January 5, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Over the past decade or so, we’ve had a look at several safe models from Buben & Zorweg, including the Galaxy line, the Illusion line and, most recently, the watch-specific model developed through a meeting of the minds with alpha-exotic automotive designer and builder Bugatti.

The company’s newest lineup arises out of a reprise of the Bugatti design collab, but transcends the limitations of horological wrist wear. These are vaults: a trio of ‘em collected under the title Hyper Safe.

In keeping with Bugatti design generally, the visuals gracing the safe line conflate the then and now of the brand, the contemporary-with-historical-invocations that project nouveau Bugatti’s brand identity. The more resilient aspects of the functional fundamentals of the safes come by way of a high-strength steel core and carbon fiber, along with a certain obsessive design that also illuminates the automaker’s style. A special coating — LAP, or Light-Arch-Protection — keeps them looking pristine, and there’s a bit of leather on board each for a suggestion of upholstery.

The Hyper Safe collection can be ordered in three design schemes: Hyper Dark, with mid-brown and gray visuals, is contrasted with Hyper Light, with beige and pale gray; Hyper Track takes things to competitive levels, with carbon fiber, stainless and Bugatti blue defining the looks. Inside each is dedicated space for valuables, jewelry…and, yes, watches.

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