Praga Bohema Is a $1.3M Hypercar With a GT-R-Derived Engine

Praga Bohema Is a $1.3M Hypercar With a GT-R-Derived Engine

Published: January 5, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Czech-based exotic and racing automaker Praga announced its first road-legal hypercar this autumn. Sporting a fully adjustable suspension, the Bohema is a full-blooded F1-inspired frisson-inducer with a surprisingly grand tourer-type personality.

Praga, a historic Czech company that began car production in 1907, had a watershed moment with 2011’s R4 race car. The Bohema was apparently developed from that DNA — but with a bit more ground clearance and a lot more consumer appeal. The model can comfortably accommodate two adults with luggage.

Giving the Bohema its muscle is a 3.8L V6 sourced from Nissan. The engine is the same one that propels the GT-R, and with a bit of custom tailoring from Praga delivers a peak 700 horsepower and 534 pound-feet of torque. As a parenthetical note, the company assures that the Bohema’s engine choice is an ideal selection for both servicing and down-the-road tuning.

Designed with a carbon fiber monocoque, the prototypical Bohema weighs in at less than 2,204 lbs, but the production version is targeting 2,165 lbs; either way, the Bohema sports a mighty impressive power-to-weight ratio. The car’s aerodynamic suite ensures there’s abundant downforce to keep the Bohema on the road, however, even at its top speed of 186 MPH.

Only 89 examples of the Bohema will be built. The production number of the 2023 model year car is of course not arbitrary; it reflects the 89th anniversary of the company’s most memorable race win.

Pricing starts at $1.31 million.

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