VanMoof Introduces S5 and A5 E-Bikes With $3K Starting Price

VanMoof Introduces S5 and A5 E-Bikes With $3K Starting Price

Published: April 26, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

E-bike designer VanMoof is back, and bringing warm weather along for the ride. The gentler winds of the season are represented by a pair of new bikes from the Dutch firm: the A5 and S5.

The A5 is a step-through, while the S5 is built around the company’s redesigned straight frame. But for all intents and purposes the divergences end there, and the bikes both start at $2,998.

The commonalities of the pair include tech features, including the company’s nifty Halo Ring interface, an SP connect smartphone mount with USB port and dashboard function, and security features, including the firm’s 5th-generation kick lock. A 5th-generation motor, long-range battery and turbo boost feature are also included on both, and charge times are also identical, with a full refresh in 6.5 hours, and a half charge in 2.5.

VanMoof indicates that the S5 and A5 are available to order now.

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