Patek Philippe Introduces $638K Advanced Research reference 5750 ‘Fortissimo’

Patek Philippe Introduces $638K Advanced Research reference 5750 ‘Fortissimo’

Published: December 30, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

The newest watch from Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research team is the sixth timepiece to emerge from the specialized section of the company’s R&D department. The model is the Fortissimo, or Patek Philippe Advanced Research reference 5750.

The watch features a redesigned chiming minute repeater. Like the other Advanced Research watches, an emphasis is placed on merging ‘classical’ aspects of the watchmaker’s art with contemporary materials. And the contemporary material used most enthusiastically by Advanced Research is silicon; in 2005, Patek introduced Silinvar, a proprietary material that’s basically silicon with an oxidized surface.

The Fortissimo uses Silinvar for its Gyromax balance spring. It also uses synthetic sapphire to create its distinctive chime; musicians out there will recognize ‘fortissimo’ as indicating a very loud passage, and the minute repeater design of this timepiece — a very complex addition to the Patek Philippe storybook — results in just that.

Patek Philippe watches can always start a conversation, and this model is no exception. The cost for such a wearable icebreaker is 590,000 Swiss Franc, which converts to about $650K.

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