Billionaire Ken Howery Denies Claim Elon Musk Lives in His $12M Home in Texas

Billionaire Ken Howery Denies Claim Elon Musk Lives in His $12M Home in Texas

Published: December 28, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Billionaire Ken Howery has denied the allegation that longtime pal Elon Musk is flopping at his Austin, Texas, pad; the claim stemmed from a recent report in The Wall Street Journal. So then, perhaps just a sleepover once in a while to reminisce about the good ol’ days at PayPal; Howery was co-founder and CFO.

Musk, who sold off all his homes in the last two years, reportedly finds domestic contentedness in a tiny house perched near SpaceX territory in Boca Chica — a small hamlet east of Brownsville — and valued at $50K; ‘goin’ to Brownsville, take that left-hand road,’ as Sleepy John Estes almost sang. Earlier this year, Musk expressed interest, via tweet, of incorporating a new city in the area called Starbase, which would presumably be built around the industry of the world’s first spaceport. Investors rushed to buy real estate there, and cryptocurrency STAR, or Starbase Token, jumped briefly before quickly crashing back down.

So Musk may well be popping in for a visit when he’s in the neighborhood. But the one-room country SpaceX shack? No photos of it have yet come to light.

Howery’s mansion was last on the market in 2018, when it moved from a $12.95 million asking price to pending status. The house sits on a 1.53-acre lot poised on the eastern bank of the Colorado River. It dates to 1987, and features 7,663 sq. ft. of interiors. The living style is modern-inspired. The property’s most appealing amenity is its outdoor living area, a pool and deck overlooking the river.

Howery served as the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden from 2019 to 2021. His net worth is north of $1 billion.

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