Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Dons Radiant New Hue

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Dons Radiant New Hue

Published: April 20, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

Hublot has unveiled an eye-catching new iteration of its iconic Big Bang timepiece. Dubbed the MP-11 14-Day Power Reserve Water Blue Sapphire, this new model delivers the sculptural style and technical innovation that has made the Big Bang collection a modern classic, now cloaked in a radiant new hue.

At the heart of the watch lies Hublot’s showstopping seven-barrel caliber, stacked vertically to allow an exceptional 14-day power reserve while maintaining a slim profile. The barrels power a creative helical transmission system to drive the gear train at a 90-degree angle. This ingenious layout required years of research and development to perfect and exemplifies the creative watchmaking for which Hublot has become renowned.

The technical wizardry is housed within a case carved from vivid water blue sapphire. The translucent, icy color is achieved through an exclusive chemical formula developed solely for Hublot. Sapphire is no easy material to master, requiring tremendous skill to polish by hand. But Hublot has pioneered its use in watchmaking, bringing an array of dazzling hues and unparalleled brilliance to collectors. This new watery shade adds another striking choice to the palette.

The contrast of the technical movement and smooth sapphire case creates an alluring juxtaposition. Skeletal barrels and gear trains seem to float within their transparent enclosure. Acutely angled facets play with dimensionality, the crystal enhancing the layered construction. Every component has been considered for harmonious visual balance.

Once again, Hublot has delivered a breathtaking horological sculpture. The MP-11 reinvents traditional watchmaking architecture in pursuit of extended power. Now cloaked in radiant blue sapphire, it makes a bold statement. For those who appreciate the blend of mechanical creativity and avant-garde design, it is sure to captivate.

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