Louis Vuitton Elevates Playback Experience With ‘Horizon Light Up’ Speaker

Louis Vuitton Elevates Playback Experience With ‘Horizon Light Up’ Speaker

Published: July 20, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

The latest bit of dazzle from the House of Vuitton is a speaker from the Horizon collection.

If the nifty little sound reproduction accessory looks like a top to you, you’re on the right track; the design extends from the firm’s Toupie handbag and, like a traditional top, the Horizon Light Up speaker comes with its own base. But it’s a speaker, make no mistake, with a built-in subwoofer to boot.

Sporting the full range of understated Vuitton arcana—the runic symbols we’ve all come to know and love—the Horizon Light Up speaker also features logic-centered controls and border engravings that, yes, light up in different gemstone colors that shift with the music.

If the highest expression of fashion is to look teleported from the not-too-distant future, this item certainly carries preternatural design chops with it. And if it looks vaguely extra-terrestrial, we could be so lucky that the wiser consciousness from afar would be so astute. A benign consciousness, indeed—if perhaps a little aloof. Spout a little Rimbaud, that’ll warm ‘em up.

Look for the Vuitton Light Up Horizon speaker in boutiques on July 30.

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