Ferrari Styling Charges Bang & Olufsen’s New Speaker Collection

Ferrari Styling Charges Bang & Olufsen’s New Speaker Collection

Published: September 22, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Two icons of innovation unite as Bang & Olufsen debuts an electrifying collection with Ferrari. From sound system to earbuds, each product celebrates shared passions for performance, craftsmanship and pioneering spirit. Sleek Ferrari styling cues collide with B&O’s aluminum mastery, transfiguring speakers and headphones into automotive art.

The Beosound 2 speaker, normally blending home decor seamlessly, transforms into a Ferrari statement piece. Its anodized aluminum skin gleams in signature Ferrari red, the prancing horse prominently displayed. Beoplay H95 headphones also don Ferrari’s jet-black hue, etchings and red accents hinting at the power within.

But the collection is more than mere branding exercise. The same engineering excellence that enables Ferrari’s track dominance lives within B&O’s acoustic innovations. Beosound 2 fills rooms with 360-degree audio, adapting via proximity sensors. Flagship Beoplay H95 headphones house custom titanium drivers delivering pristine clarity and adaptive noise cancellation.

Even rugged outdoor speaker Beosound Explore and wireless Beoplay EX earbuds gain sleek Ferrari touches that transform them from daily companions into objects of moving sculpture. Yet the beauty is more than skin deep – internals engineered for resilience and fidelity remain untouched.

This collaboration resonates at the soul of both brands. Ferrari and B&O were founded by visionaries seeking to redefine boundaries. As CEO Kristian Teär notes, the shared mandate to push performance mandates this partnership. When obsessive dedication to quality unites with motorsport mystique, products transcend gadgetry and achieve icon status.

Fusing Ferrari’s aesthetic allure with B&O innovation, the collection reimagines electronics as kinetic art. More than mere status symbols, these are objects imbued with storied heritage and design brilliance. Owning a sliver of both legends’ mystique will now be as simple as slipping on headphones, then cranking up the volume. Ears will ring not with noise, but pride at participating in a storied legacy.

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