Astell&Kern’s UW100MKII Wireless Earphones Promise ‘Uncompromising, Exquisite Hi-Fi Sound’

Astell&Kern’s UW100MKII Wireless Earphones Promise ‘Uncompromising, Exquisite Hi-Fi Sound’

Published: August 18, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Blending refined design with obsessive audio tuning, Astell&Kern’s new UW100MKII earbuds represent an audiophile’s approach to true wireless. The high-end mobile audio brand stays true to its purist pedigree. The second-generation earbuds feature an updated circuit design and acoustic chamber for greater connection stability and minimized noise.

True to its quest for uncompromising audio fidelity, Astell&Kern preserves the UW100MKII’s predecessor’s passive isolation for blocking out unwanted sound. An ambient mode and EQ-equipped app let in outside noise on demand, but music remains the focus. The earbuds’ hi-fi aspirations are supported by the company’s signature AMP tech, 32-bit digital-to-analog conversion, aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec, and dual microphones. A smaller storage case provides an improved 29 hours of battery life.

The UW100MKII carries a price tag of $280. Every tweak made by Astell&Kern zeroes in on audio accuracy. For discerning listeners in pursuit of sonic excellence, the company’s latest earbuds promise “uncompromising, exquisite hi-fi sound.”

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