Ferrari Taps Marc Newson for New Luggage Collection

Ferrari Taps Marc Newson for New Luggage Collection

Published: May 16, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Designer Marc Newson—who has developed singular products for Apple, Montblanc, Vuitton, and Hermes, and began his career with the Lockheed Lounge—has worked with Ferrari in the recent past. In 2018, he designed the Art and Collector’s Edition of the company’s substantial historical book, a piece which built a reading stand around the publication, and shaped it as a Ferrari V12 engine.

Two years later and the Prancing Horse marque has put Newson back to work designing a signature luggage collection. The designs find the locus of Ferrari and express it as a series of functional pieces that evoke traditional Italian style: poised between nostalgic reference and ground-breaking contemporary formalism.

The series offers a variety of pieces for a breadth of travel contexts—suitcase, garment bag, duffel, trolley, overnighter. All are offered in five colors particular to Ferrari cabins.

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