Marc Newson Helps Update the Iconic Louis Vuitton Trunk

Marc Newson Helps Update the Iconic Louis Vuitton Trunk

Published: July 19, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Louis Vuitton’s vintage trunks are iconic and known to be difficult to acquire. However, fans of the classic luggage pieces can look forward to a modernized edition.

The French brand has just paired with industrial designer Marc Newson to develop the new luggage set. Newson specially designed the ultra-modern collection made from several layers of mesh matrix that make up the self-reinforced polypropylene composite.

This unique build makes the trunk ultra lightweight and thin, and the matrix’s elastic properties also make it super shock absorbent, meaning it can handle endless airport excursions. Louis Vuitton’s trunks also sport a built-in transveral side hinge that allows for a 180-degree opening and four miniature wheels at the base for silent, 360-degree movement.

Like the historic, now vintage trunks, each bag is coated in either the Maison’s Monogram Damier canvases, VVN leather, Taiga leather, and a selection of Epi leather. They will come in two sizes, the Mini 50 and Cabin 55.




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