MeiliAudio’s High-End TV Consoles Sport a Pleasing Retro Aesthetic

MeiliAudio’s High-End TV Consoles Sport a Pleasing Retro Aesthetic

Published: August 18, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

There has been no shortage of great electronic equipment over the past fifty-odd years; however, the same cannot be said about stylish, aesthetically pleasing sound systems. But MeiliAudio is looking to bridge the gap between exquisite audio reproduction and beautiful styling by merging sculptural sensibilities, top-flight components, and mid-century hi-fi traditionalism.

MeiliAudio is a subsidiary of the Vancouver-based MazinCraft timber interior and home theater company, so you can guess how these units came about. It was company head Konstantin Mazin who saw the potential, and utilized both brands’ specialties with the introduction of a line of high-end home theater consoles.

The new collection boasts several mid-20th century-style consoles that are high-fidelity enabled. Sleek and stylish, the console tables channel classic mid-century style with a blend of modern accents and plenty of modern sound tech.

Customers can expect brilliant craftsmanship and high-end audio performance from MeiliAudio. The walnut units are custom designed and built by hand for each customer, in order to align individual dwelling and console unit just so. Each console also comes with a set of power amps for superb hi-fi sound production without having to worry about source.

Interested customers can choose from any of three designs currently in production, including the floating ST-80, the standing SB-70, and the standing, stereo-style SM-70. Pricing begins at $9,000.

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