Tyler Perry Looking to Flip Beverly Hills Mansion for $17M

Tyler Perry Looking to Flip Beverly Hills Mansion for $17M

Published: February 13, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Late last summer, Tyler Perry picked up this glass-and-steel contemporary in Beverly Hills for $14.5 million. At that time, the home had been on the market for about a year; initially offered at a delusional $30 million, the price had dropped to $16 million prior to the sale.

This week, Perry hefted the imposing house back onto the market with an asking price of $17 million, apparently hoping to net a quick million with a flip. Perry is an experienced investor when it comes to residential real estate; his sale of a grandiose 30,000+ square-foot home in Atlanta, in 2015, registered as the highest grossing home sale in the city.

At 17,245 square feet, this home in the Beverly Hills Post Office area isn’t, as Philip Marlowe once said of a similarly-sized home in SoCal, ‘…quite as large as Buckingham Palace…’ The ten-bedroom, eleven-bath monster does cut a striking figure, though, looking something like a newer library at an older state university. All that glass presents a more-than-slightly ethereal idea of formalism, making transparency the fundamental defining feature of a look at the house’s exterior.

Inside, the cool geometrics continue, with triangular skylights, rectangular granite steps, and an endless series of rather severe angles. Blended with the unrelenting evocation of mathematical pattern is a beautiful sense of textural interplay, and interior water and landscaping features that keep the natural world always in mind.

Amenities? A passel, emphasizing outdoor recreation on the four-acre property. They include tennis and basketball courts, a stream and koi pond, and an extravagant pool complex with waterfall feature, grotto, and water-slide.

Perry’s net worth is north of $600 million. The writer, actor and director currently has three hit shows running on the OWN; ‘The Paynes,’ the most recent to launch, debuted last month.

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