McLaren’s $959K Senna Hypercar Sold Out Before It was Even Unveiled

McLaren’s $959K Senna Hypercar Sold Out Before It was Even Unveiled

Published: February 13, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Its chiseled exterior, dramatic rear wing and other F1-inspired design language may not be to everyone’s taste, but, for those besotted with the McLaren Senna—and there are at least 500 of them—the order-availability of the street-legal racer was not a moment for self-doubt or delay. The track-car lover’s supercar has already sold out, well before the officially unveiling by the British exotic car manufacturer, which is scheduled for the Geneva Motor Show early next month.

The people who make up the McLaren Automotive company—a collection of like-minded individuals who could be characterized as fanatically pro-performance and anti-utilitarian when it comes to motorized four-wheeled travel—have made enormous headway since the company came into existence as a new entity about eight years ago. The Senna effectively merges the company’s roots as a track-car manufacturer and terror of the professional racing circuit, and its newer identity as a manufacturer of consumer-oriented specialty cars built with an exacting and progressive design ethos, and an obsessive approach to the art of extreme recreational automotive sport.

On the road, the Senna is nearly as extreme as it looks. It’s designed for track driving, so it’s going to be best for weekend warriors out for excitement on back roads packed with hairpin turns; downforce/aero, power-to-weight ratio and active chassis control all help orient the Senna to dexterity and acute response. And, it sports a lot of carbon fiber, as McLaren was instrumental in bringing the material to the automotive racing world thirty-five years ago.

The cabin is as track-oriented. Air conditioning and other touring comforts could be optioned for the Senna, though.

At $959K, the Senna’s base price was substantial. But, if you’re kicking yourself for not jumping on board when you had the chance, keep an eye on upcoming automotive auctions. One is sure to turn up, and it will command a handsome markup.

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