Light’s 16-Lens L16 Camera Could Replace Bulky DSLRs

Light’s 16-Lens L16 Camera Could Replace Bulky DSLRs

Published: April 22, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Silicon Valley-based brand Light has released images of its new L16 camera, which offers DSLR-quality pictures in a relatively small package. Surprisingly versatile, the little model uses 16 lenses in its design.

The L16 has the ability to shoot as wide as 28mm, and up to 150mm for closer pictures. It utilizes five 28mm modules shooting at f/2.0, five 70mm modules at f/2.0, and six 150mm modules at f/2.4. The Light camera comes with 256GB of memory to store each 52-megapixel picture taken by the device.

All 16 lenses take photos at the same time then blend them all together to form a DSLR-quality image. The design of the L16 also allows for it to gather 10 times more light than a conventional smartphone, for better low-light pictures. But the unit itself is about the same size as a better smartphone.

The idea was novel, but funding was lacking for the project. That is, until GV, formerly Google Ventures, entered the picture with a $30-million cash injection, and saw the camera through development.

Light has announced that the L16 will aim to begin shipping pre-orders to U.S.-based customers starting on July 14. It comes with a $1,700 price tag, which is not unreasonable for a camera like this if it can deliver on its promise.

The company expects to fulfill its lengthy pre-order list by summer’s end and won’t be taking new orders before late 2017.

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