Leica Enlists Seal For Q2 ‘Dawn’ Limited-Edition Camera

Leica Enlists Seal For Q2 ‘Dawn’ Limited-Edition Camera

Published: October 4, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Leica’s newest limited-edition classic range finder has Seal in its sights. The British singer-songwriter is, one assumes, a devotee of the brand’s cameras, as Leica likely thought it was only fitting that a Seal homage model usher in the artist’s photography exhibition in Los Angeles. The show is open through the end of the month at the Leica Gallery.

The singer’s special model is called the Q2 Dawn, and each example is unique by virtue of the Japanese fabric that covers it. Leica informs that the woven textile’s particular form of iridescence is rooted in the Japanese word komorebi, which describes the way sunlight is filtered through forest canopy. The nature of the material makes each Q2 Dawn special.

Seal’s particular approach to the art form, Leica tells us, involves quick lenses and natural light. In keeping with the name, then, the Q2 Dawn is an ideal tool for daylight shooting. It comes with a rope strap emblazoned with a particularly evocative line from one of Seal’s hits, as well as a scarf designed by Annina Roescheisen.

Only 500 Q2 Dawn sets will be produced. The price tag reads $5,995.

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