PowerVision’s PowerEgg Is an Ovular Drone for the Minimalist Pilot

PowerVision’s PowerEgg Is an Ovular Drone for the Minimalist Pilot

Published: September 6, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Close your eyes and envision the typical drone. It’s something like a futuristic, miniature aircraft, right? It’s certainly not something ovoid. But the PowerVision PowerEgg, which collapses into an elegantly compact egg shape, may just be the perfect alliance between form and function. That it happens to be a high-performance camera drone just makes it all the more unbelievable.

The PowerEgg’s distinctive shape is the result of cutting-edge engineering coming together with a creative and intuitive design sense. Each of its four arms and rotors is able to retract back inside the shell for easy transportation, and its four standing legs fold upward so as not to block the view of the gimbal-mounted, 14 megapixel 4K camera.

The craft is easy to use for beginners and experts alike, thanks for the Maestro gesture-based controller, a new innovation in the industry. Maestro interprets your arm movements in real time, allowing you to conduct the drone’s location from a distance using gestural movements. The controller’s range is impressive—up to 5 kilometers, or 3.1 miles. There are also automated flight modes, which can be turned on and set via the PowerEgg’s iOS or Android flight app, while the Optical Positioning System allows for stable indoor flight. This elegant, lifestyle-enhancing accessory costs a mere $1,288.









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