Skydio’s $2.5K R1 Drone Features 13 Cameras and Cutting-Edge Tech

Skydio’s $2.5K R1 Drone Features 13 Cameras and Cutting-Edge Tech

Published: March 20, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

The drone market is getting very competitive. How does a new product stand out? Well, in the case of Skydio‘s R1, the central criterion becomes more advanced user tracking. The unit is remarkably easy to use, it may be entirely controlled with a custom app, and it shoots video in 4k.

Even though the ability for a self-flying drone to track its users isn’t new, the technology has been fairly rudimentary up to this point. Skydio’s new drone has fine-tuned it, though; the R1 is able to weave between and navigate through trees and wooded areas while capturing high-quality images.

In addition to handsfree follow-me modes, the new drone is equipped with 13 cameras and special inertial measurement units to track users. And it has a 300-foot range and a max speed of 25 mph.

Skydio is a startup created by MIT grads, so the model is, in essence, a very good example of by-users-for-users development. The team isn’t giving them away, though; the R1 is available for $2,499. For regular users looking for a cutting-edge product, though, the price is quite fair.

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