Meze 73 Handmade Wooden Headphones

Meze 73 Handmade Wooden Headphones

Published: December 11, 2014 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Meze Headphones’ 73 Classics have modern sound technology packed into headphones that have a classic look.

The handmade ebony wood that surrounds the earpieces give the headphones a classic baroque feel. The combination of powerful bass and clear mids and highs driven by Neodymium drivers let you know that despite its look, the headphones are delivering high-tech sound.

The 73 classics are Meze’s mid-sized headphones and offer leather ear cushions and band for maximum comfort. Each 73 Classics headphones will have a unique design as each is individually handcrafted from ebony wood.

You can purchase Meze 73 Classics from Amazon for $239.






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