Buben&Zorweg Collector Safe XL

Buben&Zorweg Collector Safe XL

Published: August 30, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

Buben&Zorweg, a company known for its  high-end safes, has unveiled its new Collector Safe XL, which acts as both a security measure to protect valuables and a luxurious home furnishing.  The exteriors of the Collector Safe XL has been given a glossy finish, thanks to layers of piano lacquer coated with exotic wood marquetry. The interiors have been hand-sewn with Italian nappa leather and black velour.

Other features include LED lighting with fading functionality, Swiss security lock, and height-adjustable stainless steel feet.  The factory version of the safe offers eight Time Mover modules for storage of automatic watches, five drawers, and storage space.  Buben&Zorweg offers customers the option to customize the interior of the safe.  The exterior also has two color options.

Buben&Zorweg Collector Safe XL, full interior

Buben&Zorweg Collector Safe XL, exterior in brown finish

Buben&Zorweg Collector Safe XL, the dial and lock

Buben&Zorweg Collector Safe XL, Time Mover modules in black

Buben&Zorweg Collector Safe XL, Time Mover modules in brown


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