Qantas’ Redesigned Business Suites

Qantas’ Redesigned Business Suites

Published: August 30, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

Qantas, an Australia-based airline,  unveiled brand new interiors that will be featured on its Airbus A330 fleet starting in late 2014.  All 30 of Qantas’ A330s will be upgraded with Business Suites with beds and direct aisle access from every seat.  Qantas’ 10 A330-300s will also be upgraded with new economy seats.

Designed by Marc Newson, the new Business Class come with a feature allowing users to leave the seats in a recline position for take-off and landing.  The seats will be equipped with Panasonic in-flight entertainment systems like Qantas’ Q-Streaming technology,which allows access to an extensive entertainment library streamed to devices like iPads.

In the economy section, the seats will come with footnets and multi-directional head rests and an armrest that fits between the seats when folded away. All seats will be fitted with a Panasonic eXlite 11.1” screen offering Qantas’ Q-Streaming technology.

Qantas' Redesigned Business Suites, flat bed

Qantas' Redesigned Business Suites, chair

Qantas' Redesigned Business Suites, economy section screens

Qantas' Redesigned Business Suites, economy section seats


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