Ferrari Distills Racing Glory Into $5.4M Track Exemplar With 499P Modificata

Ferrari Distills Racing Glory Into $5.4M Track Exemplar With 499P Modificata

Published: November 10, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

The prancing horse’s latest thoroughbred snarls with the savage spirit of endurance racing legends past. Ferrari has unleashed the 499P Modificata, a strictly limited-production speed machine honed for non-competitive track domination, unveiled with suitable fanfare at the brand’s own Mugello circuit. This muscular steed pays tribute to Ferrari’s triumphant return to sports prototype racing while transcending the shackles of regulations to set a new benchmark for driving euphoria.

While clearly kin to the Le Mans-conquering 499P, the Modificata submits to no technical constraints, gifted with enhancements to titillate those who can appreciate them. Its hybrid powertrain now surges with an uncapped 858 hp, the front axle’s electric motor engages at lower speeds, and “Push to Pass” bestows temporary might at the driver’s behest. Further elevating the experience, the suspension, electronics and tires have been liberally recalibrated and refined.

This new mount retains its race-bred cockpit yet sheds all limitations, making it Ferrari’s highest-performing closed-wheel offering thus far. It shall lead the thoroughbreds in Ferrari’s new Sport Prototipi Clienti paddock, letting owners revel on famed circuits worldwide as the marque curates their journey.

The Modificata’s mechanical menagerie marries a specially honed V6 engine with an 800-volt electric system, while the chassis remains an all-carbon assembly. Eschewing regulations, the team implemented four-wheel drive and brake-by-wire for sharper responses. bespoke Pirelli rubber optimized for feedback and grip joins tailored traction control so drivers can dance at the limits with confidence.

Clad in sinuous yet technical forms, the Modificata flaunts its Ferrari heritage in an uninhibited expression of prowess. Its horizontal rear wing and exposed mechanical elements signal relentless performance aspirations. This new offering connects Ferrari’s prestigious endurance racing past to an equally dazzling future, crystallizing glories achieved on the world’s longest tracks into a singular driving exemplar. The Modificata unleashes Ferrari’s expertise and aesthetics in the purest distillation yet, beckoning gentleman drivers to tame this untamed beast.

The Ferrari 499P Modificata carries a price tag around $5.4 million.

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