Steering True: Lexus Keeps 2024 LX 600 on Steady Heading

Steering True: Lexus Keeps 2024 LX 600 on Steady Heading

Published: November 10, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Lexus spurns inflationary pressures by holding the LX 600’s price steady for 2024. This luxury SUV remains an oasis of value, its cost fixed at a starting price of $89,165 despite the market’s trends.

Within, comforts abound as before across trims topping out at $129,255. Paints like Atomic Silver still adorn its flanks, the venerable twin-turbo V6 still supplies robust torque, and the supple interior awaits in palette unchanged.

For those desiring sportier stirrings, the F Sport Handling trim returns, now with 22-inch forged wheels among other enhancements. Thus Lexus indulges both relaxed cruising and spirited sprints with aplomb.

Its infotainment remains a paragon of user-friendliness, the 12.3-inch screen never demanding eyes leave the road. Here is luxury unperturbed by its era, an enduring island for passengers amidst a sea of complications.

So in a time of turbulence and inflation’s imposition, Lexus holds its ground with steady purpose. The 2024 LX 600 retains its predecessor’s balance of comfort and capability at a fair price.

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