Porsche Taycan Stars in Eerie Shoot Projecting EV Ubiquity

Porsche Taycan Stars in Eerie Shoot Projecting EV Ubiquity

Published: December 9, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

The latest promotional project from Porsche has the Taycan, en masse and still life, as its subject. The EV sedan is presented in a playful alternate universe, one where the Taycan is both pink and ubiquitous.

Pink Taycans everywhere, and at all times? Multiple pink Taycans occupying the same space across multiple dimensions? Or a single pink Taycan sporting space-time athleticism?

Nearer to the latter, as it turns out. Creative still photographer Tomek Makolski, who in fact provided the athleticism by touring Western Europe and shooting the Pepto-colored (actually, the color name is Frozen Berry) electric fastback many times at each location, took to his computer to compose the Taycan accumulations. Park-and-shoot, then compile.

The Taycan’s backgrounds are varied, bien sur; the car is the cross-contextual constant throughout the landscapes. Locations include a spot overlooking Marseilles, industrial backgrounds with colors enhanced to contrast with Frozen Berry, and an Alpine switchback. Welcome to the future.

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