‘Real Housewife’ Teresa Giudice Pays $3.4M for New Jersey Estate

‘Real Housewife’ Teresa Giudice Pays $3.4M for New Jersey Estate

Published: February 25, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Teresa Giudice —famous for her turn on Real Housewives, New Jersey variety—is trying to sell one house in Montville Township, but that hasn’t prevented her from trading up. This month, the television personality purchased this noble-looking manor in her old stomping ground for $3.35 million.

Giudice’s new house is a dignified pile a la Thomas Kinkade; the architectural team followed his dreamy romantic style in designing the home. At the property entrance, a set of iron gates between well-weathered, lantern-capped stone pilasters open to a winding paver drive that arrives at an unhurried pace at the home’s front door.

A towering chimney stack, stone exterior walls, leaded glass and a false parapet on what appears to be a slate roof express the exterior of the 2006-built 7,728 square-footer. In the foyer, a winding staircase rises dizzily up to the third floor, with an ornate milled ceiling on the second and a raw turret ceiling at apex. Fireplaces pop up throughout the house: the master bedroom, billiards room, living room are equipped, but the living room’s is something special: a recessed design with a built-in seat that’s distinct from the rest of the space.

Among the amenities on the property is a lavish pool with a twin-waterfall feature and a raised spa, with a home cinema, a gym, and an office covering essentials inside the house. The grounds measure nearly six acres.

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