Hofele Applies Maybach-Inspired Two-Tone Paintwork to GLE Coupe

Hofele Applies Maybach-Inspired Two-Tone Paintwork to GLE Coupe

Published: August 27, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

For Mercedes owners who dream of driving a Maybach, German tuning company Hofele has an option. Their most recent Merc project was a series of Maybach-inspired modifications to the GLE Coupe. Hofele calls the enhanced model the HGLE. It’s the latest in the shop’s series of Maybach-inspired packages.

One thing we’ve noticed about the Hofele style is the love the shop’s creatives have for the two-tone look. In the context of the Mercedes GLE Coupe, a hunkered-down crossover, the effect is a softening one that gives the contemporary, muscular body of the GLE a little artful traditionalism.

Components added to the HGLE as part of the package include 22” or 24” Hofele light alloy rims, a latitudinal grille, and a rear diffuser. The cabin is tuned toward a sportier, track-inspired look—including brash red sport seats a la AMG—but Hofele’s options list is lengthy, and colors and stitching patterns can be customized to taste.

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