Nursery on Jet Becomes a Necessity As Private Flight Soars

Nursery on Jet Becomes a Necessity As Private Flight Soars

Published: July 14, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

With the sudden shift in our society toward the disparate, privacy in travel is becoming a hot topic among those who can afford it. To help accommodate families on private planes, FlyEliteJets has commissioned a design for a ‘flying nursery’ for some of their aircraft.

For over a decade, business jet sales have been accelerating, with designs for more comfortable, tech-ready, versatile and—many times—luxurious cabin space appearing on a regular basis as both manufacturers and designers try to outgun each other with the most appealing vision of contemporary jet travel. But private jet travel is quickly evolving into a business that doesn’t only cater to the businessperson.

The ‘flying nursery’ is the work of Jenny Allan Design; the first modified plane is a Gulfstream G650. The location for the nursery in the sky is in the space in the back of the plane, an area that usually tends to see less traffic. It allows easy access to bags and bathrooms, and it’s also a quiet spot for nursing and playing. The nursery is also outfitted with a convertible bed, games and books, and a starlight ceiling.

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