Supernal Reveals Second-Gen eVTOL Aircraft, Aims for 2028 Launch

Supernal Reveals Second-Gen eVTOL Aircraft, Aims for 2028 Launch

Published: January 12, 2024 | By: American Luxury Staff

Soaring into CES 2024, Supernal unveiled its S-A2 electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, bringing futuristic mobility dreams one step closer to reality. Succeeding the S-A1 concept model, the full-scale S-A2 exemplifies Supernal’s vision for safe, efficient urban air travel.

With eight all-tilting rotors and a distributed electric propulsion system, the sleek V-tail craft cruises at 120 mph while emitting a gentle dishwasher-like hum. Safety reigns supreme in the redundancy of critical components and robust airframe, engineered to commercial aviation standards. Yet sustainability and comfort equally define S-A2, from its efficient hybrid lift/cruise design to a passenger-centric cabin experience.

Founded by Hyundai Motor Group, Supernal leverages automotive mass production capabilities to make its aircraft accessible and affordable by 2028. Partnering with aviation experts worldwide, the company’s 600-strong team brings together technical prowess and artistic flair. S-A2 represents a harmonious fusion, its aerospace engineering and automotive aesthetics creating a new breed of mobility.

Inside, thoughtful lighting and textures distinguish the minimalist cabin, evoking airy spaciousness and delineating pilot/passenger sections. Ergonomic seats integrate aviation-grade shock absorption, maximizing comfort. From bird’s eye city views to the vehicle’s soothing luminosity, each tactile detail optimizes the journey.

With S-A2 taking shape, Supernal also spotlights its broader ecosystem at CES’s immersive vertiport exhibit. This window into future intermodal transit illuminates how eVTOL aircraft and vertiports will interface with cars, trains, buses, and bikes for seamless mobility.

In this vision, Supernal’s S-A2 liberates urban travelers from congestion, connecting cities in a long-awaited Jetsons-like age. Yet the vehicle remains grounded in thoughtful design and safety, converging utopian dreams with everyday practicality. Guided by meticulous engineering and human-centered aesthetics, Supernal’s work breathes life into the promise of personal eVTOL transportation.

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