Hofele Gives Mercedes-Benz GLE a Maybach-Inspired Makeover

Hofele Gives Mercedes-Benz GLE a Maybach-Inspired Makeover

Published: July 4, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Hofele’s house style is extremely refined. There’s a little glamour involved, sure, but a Hofele Merc treatment isn’t particularly, or generally, sledgehammer in execution. They manage to find new opportunities to add a layer of plush, though, even as they appear to be restrained. A neat trick.

Case in point is the company’s newest tuning project, the HGLE, which adds a veneer of Maybach to a Merdeces GLE. Who wouldn’t want a veneer of Maybach on their Merc?

Hofele likes the glossy, muted two-tone look that evokes the golden age of coachbuilding, and the HGLE’s got it. The interiors are characteristically luxurious, with Napa and Alcantara galore, and a bit of nautical/yacht design inspiration in the luggage bay.

The HGLE also sports a new grille with a Hofele brand logo at its center. We’ve seen Hofele increasingly aggressive with its badging, and it does raise the question of a Hofele house model of the future. A luxury SUEV in five years would be about right. It probably won’t happen, but we can dream.

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