Bentley Introduces ‘Newent’ Furniture collection

Bentley Introduces ‘Newent’ Furniture collection

Published: June 20, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Bentley-as-a-lifestyle has a new entry to help define the brand, and your Bentley-centric life, too: a furniture collection called Newent.

The collection is dominated by color combinations that can be strikingly appealing. Two entries: a bed that comes in several color schemes, one of which merges gray heather, beige and putty; a sofa that comes in a choice of veneers, from burled walnut to rosewood. A chair in the same burled hardwood completes the trio.

The chair and sofa are crafted using a special manufacturing process that gives their frames the gentle, Bentley automotive-looking curves.

The sofa will run you nearly $15K, and all three pieces come to nearly $40K.

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