A Look at Alberto Pinto’s Sumptuous Boeing BBJ 747-8

A Look at Alberto Pinto’s Sumptuous Boeing BBJ 747-8

Published: May 2, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Design house Alberto Pinto has taken on commissions for custom jet interiors before. But one of the firm’s most ambitious project is this Boeing BBJ 747-8. Designed in a glossy nautical style, the 747-8’s cabin could as easily be mistaken for the interior of a superyacht as for a penthouse apartment. The jumbo jet was commissioned by an undisclosed client.

The cabin design is dominated by a series of textures and an extensive, atmospheric use of backlighting. The living areas begin with a shimmering staircase descending to a circular lobby, where a circular motif in the floor is echoed by a backlit dome tray that crowns the ceiling.

From the lines of the living space to the shape of the seats and fixtures, the soft lines extend from the shape of the fuselage. Deco influence comes through strongly occasionally, most especially in the master bedroom and bath. Materials used include natural stone, leather, carbon fiber, sycamore and silk.

The cabin measures 4,500 square feet. That’s enough space to fit a dining area, a large galley, a central gallery, a guest bathroom, a lounge forward, and a shower, vanity and storage in the en-suite master. The seats in the lounge were inspired by eggshells, and are constructed with speakers built into the headrests. The right atmosphere comes by way of specially-designed dimmable lighting and custom theme music.

Alberto Pinto founded his design house in 1971. Since his death in 2012, his sister Linda Pinto has been the firm’s guiding spirit, having worked with her brother for three decades.

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