Karma SC2 Concept Boasts 1,100 Horsepower, 1.9s 0-60

Karma SC2 Concept Boasts 1,100 Horsepower, 1.9s 0-60

Published: December 3, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

When Karma’s SC1 concept arrived in the spring of this year, it impressed the industry mightily. A ferocious looking but immensely refined vision, its long nose and abstract, flowing lines were very easy on the eyes of this year’s Monterey Auto Show attendees; its ecological relevance made it a dream car for the literate driver.

The threshold of winter found Karma teasing the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show with the next phase of their concept: the SC2. It’s more of a roadster than the SC1, which treads the middle ground between roadster and touring car. And it’s a definite departure from the company’s current production offering, the $135K 2020 grand tourer called the Revero.

Where the SC1 riffed on 1930s aircraft influence in auto design, the SC2 is a contemporary take on 1960s race car and recreational sports designs. Its range is excellent—350 miles between charges—and the car is exceedingly quick and very fast, with 1,100 horsepower reportedly taking it to 60 in 1.9 seconds.

As a recreational ride, the SC2 also contains this unique feature: a driving experience playback option. Karma calls it ‘Drive and Play’, and it’s designed to provide a 3-dimensional recording of sorts for post-drive remembrance of things past…and driver edification, too. Karma also foresees track and professional driving experiences as available, bringing the excitement of competitive sport driving to SC2 owners.

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