Coleen Injects Quintessentially French Style Into New E-Bike

Coleen Injects Quintessentially French Style Into New E-Bike

Published: February 19, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

With so many advances in e-bike technology, and so many high-end options available, a deciding factor in purchase decision for many consumers, especially urbanites, is style.

French E-bike maker Coleen recently introduced a sleek new entry into the market that has style to burn. The design takes inspiration from the modern period: the creatives at the company were inspired by Jean Prouvé’s 1941 bicycle design, and wanted to revisit it…as homage, and contemporary statement too.

The E-bike’s unique T-shaped Carbon fiber frame sets it apart from other bikes on the rack. Coleen incorporated 75 unique components to build the complex structure while hiding ugly reinforcement materials, giving it a streamlined look that’s vaguely deco.

Of course, this E-bike’s weight has improved on Prouvé’s steel and aluminum build, and it gets a bevy of high-tech features. A liquid-crystal display screen offering detailed information regarding riding data like travel speed and battery level is discreetly incorporated into the handlebar assembly, and it boasts a keyless ignition system, so users can start the bike from a distance.

Style, yes. But the range is important, too. With the E-Bike, riders can depend on plenty of power production thanks to a 250-watt silent motor paired with a 529 watt-hour removable battery, and a 100km round-trip capability. That’s enough to get out of the city and tour the countryside for a weekend.

Style, and astonishing efficiency, too.

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