Apple Watch Series 4 Comes With FDA-Approved Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Apple Watch Series 4 Comes With FDA-Approved Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Published: September 20, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Tech giant Apple introduced a number of new items recently. One of the most impressive reveals was the Apple Watch Series 4. This wearable accessory keeps getting better.

The new smartwatch boasts a larger edge-to-edge screen than earlier iterations, in addition to featuring a faster processor and significantly upgraded heart rate monitoring capabilities. Aesthetically, the new design is much more streamlined thanks to the new screen that virtually eliminates the bezels, echoing smartphone designs that’re all the rage right now.

Beyond the sleek new screen, the most exciting addition is the ECG (electrocardiogram) function. The wearable tech boasts FDA-approved ECG capabilities that allow for relatively advanced heart rate and electrical activity monitoring.

If there is something untoward going on, the device might be able to detect the irregularity and notify its user. While it certainly can’t catch all possible heart-related issues, it can identify signs of atrial fibrillation or an abnormally low heart rate.

With a 30-percent larger screen than the Apple Watch Series 3, customers can also expect an increase in productivity regardless of whether they opt for the 40 mm or 44 mm size. For those with petite wrists, don’t stress! You’ll skew your ECG readout. And although the edge-to-edge enhancements make it look bigger, the watch is actually the same size as the outgoing model.

Further, the smartwatch can now recognize falls; gyroscopic and accelerometer technologies can sense dramatic change. If the user falls and doesn’t respond to the watch’s prompts, it can contact emergency services.

Preorders for the new Apple Watch Series 4 are open now. Pricing begins at $399.

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